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Snoring adversely affects not only those around them but can cause the person snoring to suffer from lack of oxygen. This impairs their quality of life. People who snore find that when they have right device to stop snoring, they finally awake from a great night's sleep, feeling refreshed.
There are so many causes of snoring, so there are designed numerous suitable devices to stop snoring. Here are some top devices to help stop or at least reduce the snoring.
Nasal Strips are the most popular. These are not expensive, easy to obtain, use and are drug free. These are usually made of strips of plastic, that are placed over the nose bridge and kept on all night. They work by widening the nasal passages to improve airflow.
Nasal Dilators are also very popular. Again they are easy to obtain over the counter. They are made from plastic or stainless steel coil and are placed up inside the nose. These work by keeping the nose airway passage open.
Chin Straps are suitable for people who sleep with their mouths open due to poor muscle tone. They are made of stretchy neoprene, so one size usually fits all. They fit around the back of the head and over the chin. This effectively holds the jaw shut; works rather like an athlete's mouth guard. This effectively stops any snoring by improving nasal breathing. This device is often recommended to people who snore by medical practitioners.
Snore Stopper ™, is a simple effective non surgical device, which is new in the marketplace. It is activated when the person snores to give a small electric pulse into the skin. Some can be worn around the arm or wrist. This can be a useful device to train some people who snore to stop.
Mouth Guards can be brought over the counter or custom-made. They are really plastic moulded dental appliances. If you try an over the counter one first and find it just does not fit right then your dentist can mould and fit these to suit. When placed in the mouth they work by aligning the lower jaw properly into position so keeping the airways open. These can be useful for people who snore when their tongue falls back into their throat, closing the airways.
There are a wide variety of throat sprays available over the counter. These are easy to use, applied simply by spraying down the throat before bed and if required again during the night. The spray contains natural oil which lubricates the back of the throat. Many people who snore find sprays extremely successful. Note that it is important not to exceed the recommended dosage as excessive applications can even cause snoring.
Anti-snoring devices range from the simple and not expensive, to quite complex and expensive. The majority of the devices are available though over the counter or even through mail order catalogues. If you find you do not have any success with these devices then visit your medical practitioner for further examinations.


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