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When all else has been tried and failed as your stop snoring solution answer, then it may be time to investigate laser surgery.
This procedure is not affordable for everyone; even so it may just be the only viable solution. The procedure is suitable for people who snore due to excessive tissue blocking their breathing.
Quite simply the laser used trims and re-shapes any enlarged soft tissue that is blocking the nasal passages and throat if required, which is causing difficulty in breathing and resulting in snoring.
There seems to be two main options used for surgery. You will need to discuss these with your doctor as to what is best for you. Your doctor will need to assess where you have any health issues that may adversely affect your ability to have the recommended medical procedure.
The first is called outpatient Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP).This procedure is also used for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This is least expensive option and most common of the laser surgeries used for snoring problems. It is usually done in a day clinic, under local anaesthesia in about half an hour. There is no bleeding. You can eat as normal afterwards. This procedure does not affect your speech. There is a high success rate after the first treatment or though some may need a few more treatments to see a reduction in snoring. There is some discomfort after the surgery though and this will need monitoring for pain relief. Some patients though have noticed an increased dryness in their throats.
The next is the most expensive procedure. It is called Uvulopatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). This is more invasive and the laser is used to enlarge the throat by the tonsils. This is serious surgery to open up as much air passageway as required. Sometimes the surgeon removes the tonsils, some parts of your soft palate and uvula. You would be under general anaesthesia and the surgery performed in a hospital operating room. This procedure is more painful. This procedure is not without risks though especially to your speech. If the surgeon has to remove your uvula it can affect your ability to pronounce certain words, especially in some languages like Arabic.
These surgical procedures need careful consideration. You will need to really consider whether either of these are the best option for you. Snoring is definitely a serious health problem and should not be thought of lightly. Laser surgery may be your answer your stop snoring solution.
Wendy Grace is a stop snoring expert.


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