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Like many people, you will probably confuse this ailment with dandruff. However, these are completely two very different kinds of conditions. Dandruff itches more and have yellow scales while psoriasis has silvery scales. The problem is that psoriasis also sometimes flares up and starts itching and may spread to other parts of the body like the nape of your neck, or even your ears.

Effective Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

There are different stages of dealing with this ailment. The first step involves removal of the scales. The scales should be removed because they cover the real disease below. If they are not removed, the topical medication will not get to the skin where it is really needed. There are different methods used for removing scales, one of which involves application of lotions to damp the scalp.

After the softening, the next step is to remove the scales using brushes or combs. All through these things, you should be gentle with your scalp. If you become too rough with the brushing, you can break the skin off your scalp and even cause more infection. What is more, vigorous brushing or combing will even break off your hair.

If you have the right shampoo for your hair, you should use it. While treatment of the disease is mainly topical, there are also oral medications that can be taken in case the disease is in it later stages. All these are treatments you should only take with the advice of your physician.

Masking Symptoms of Psoriasis

Sometimes, you may wish to hide the ugly symptoms even while continuing with the treatment. Your hairstylist can come up with several ways of doing this. There are hairstyles that are very good at hiding these symptoms, and you can adopt them even if they are not your normal styles.

Corticosteroids as a Form of Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

Examples of corticosteroids that can be used in this instance include clobetasol and hydrocortisone. All these topical medications have varying potency, and it is advisable to start with the least potent ones to limit the side effects. The more potent medicines should be used only if the other ones fail to treat the disease. Again, check with your doctor before using any of these medicines.

Vitamin D3 Analogs

Vitamin D3 analogs are also used in treating psoriasis. Just like the other drugs, you should consult your doctor before using them. One of the side effects you should expect includes irritation at the site of application. The bottom line is that scalp psoriasis treatment is available and you should not suffer in silence.



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