Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

Our pets are family and we don't like to see them sick or suffering. If they are experiencing symptoms like lethargy from a fever, pain of any type or not eating this is the time for a vet visit to rule out anything serious.

People have written and asked "What could be the possible reasons for blood in my cat's stool? This is what I found:

--Do they have an infection?

--Did they ingest a foreign object that could possibly be making its way through the intestine and causing a puncture wound?

--Did they ingest rat or mouse poison which causes internal bleeding?

--Are they constipated? Do they have hemorrhoids from constipation?

Reasons for blood in my cat's stool were from constipation and only required a change in her diet. I switched to canned food because it does contain moisture and the meat cats crave, which dry food does not. I also bought one of those water fountains which encouraged both of my cat's to drink more water. They are actually intrigued by the fountain. I think they can't figure out where the water is coming from and being such curious creatures they are always amused by it.

My situation with my cat was simple and easily fixed, but the vet said that other reasons for blood in my cat's stool could also have been from colitis or colon inflammation, something more serious or even other straightforward reasons which still need to be checked out. Things like;

--dairy products (cat's don't need dairy)

--cereal additives which cause allergies

--table food that contain spices and causes irritation

--worms or parasites

--bowel diseases

--bacteria from salmonella or E. coli

--stress can also cause irritable bowels

--Urinary stress, bladder infections, kidney infections or disease

The vet gave me excellent reasons for blood in my cat's stool that I would never have thought was possible. So now both of my cats have high quality protein food with no fillers, plenty of fresh water and a quiet place to relax. I also give them a supplement which can help them to maintain a healthy bladder and immune system health. I have noticed this supplement and change in diet has contributed to their shiny coats. They used to have dull and matted fur even though I combed them every day, but I can tell a huge difference in the way they have more energy and just look healthier. And we haven't had to go to the vet which is fine with me (and them also).



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